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2201 - Nov - Ch 62 Edit

Mulder on Poseidon with Marcus and Monte. Marcus comes up with a new design for "flying" floating cities to help deal with Krakken. Monte has started a 6 month trip back to earth to pick up new refugees and Mulder prepares to set off on his own, leaving Marcus as the sole "Bob" on Poseidon. Riker and Will update Mulder on the emigration of Sol where 14 colony ships are now active. Vulcan, Poseidon, Epsilon Eridani , 82 Eridani are the active or near-active colonies.

2205 - April - Ch 59 Edit

Bill on Epsilon Eridani gets news of The Others plans and discusses options with Mario and Claude

2205 - May - Ch 60 Edit

Claude arrives in-system in Gamma Pavonis and explores a promising earth-like planet near The Others' frontier. It doesn't seem to have any intelligent life and would make for an amazing colony except for the threat form the Others.

2205 - Sept - Ch 61 Edit

Bill's latest clone goes online in Alpha Centauri and names himself Oliver. He spends the next 3 years building a new bob armada to fight The Others.

2207 - Feb - Ch 63 Edit

Jacque discovers planet Delta Pavonis 4 . He names the advanced industrial age creatures as the Pav. He wants to build some ships to get some of the Pavs off-planet in case The Others attack.

2207 - March - Ch 64 Edit

Bill conducts a Moot. The Others have kicked Mario out of GL54 and are stripping the system. They've launched another expedition for NN4285. Gamma Pavonis and Delta Pavonis may be next.