This page lists the tasks that requires work on the wiki. If there are any changes needed, feel free to edit the page directly, or discuss whether they should be changed in the Comments section below.

Please keep the list as updated as possible.

Ongoing projects Edit

  • Add short documentation and infobox for all replicants
  • Update all info after For We Are Many

To-do Edit

  • Human characters
    • Gudmund Valter
    • Colonel George Butterworth
    • Dr. Landers
    • Minister Travis
    • Thomas Händel III
    • Robert Johansson's family members
  • Important star systems
  • Important planets
    • Earth - include recent history
    • Vulcan and Romulus
    • Eden
  • Sciency stuff
    • Replicants
    • AMI's
      • GUPPI (!!!)
    • Von Neumann probes
    • Busters
    • SURGE drives
    • SUDDAR
    • Telemetry
    • Roamers
    • Drones