This article does not refer to any of the Bob-replicants, including Bob-1, as it is unsure whether the personality of Robert Johansson was completely and correctly transferred to the first replicant.

Robert Johansson (Bob) (1985-2016) is the man on who's mind the Bob-replicants are based. He grew up in Minnesota together with his parents and his sisters Andrea and Alaina, but moved to San Diego as an adult. There he started his own software company called InterGator, which in time largely outcompeted other companies in the niche. When the company was bought for an "eye-popping sum" by the competitor Terasoft, he was left with enough money to secure his financial stability for the rest of his life. Unfortunately for Bob, the rest of his life lasted only a few days. He got in a car accident crossing a busy street in Las Vegas, and died soon after in a hospital.

Right before he died, Bob had signed a contract with CryoEterna, a company guaranteeing a "life after death". Their promise consisted of freezing the recently dead body until technological advances have come far enough to revive them. Right before Robert died in the hospital, he heard an agent - assumingly from CryoEterna - arguing his right to be there for his death.

We later learn that Robert's head has been conserved in line with the CryoEterna contract, all the way until 2133 he point where he was selected as one of the candidates for the human intelligence placed in FAITH's Von Neumann probes.