Kahn is one of Bill's clones that Bill made once he was informed that Milo was killed. Kahn was the leader of the first strike force Bill sent to 82 Eridani to kick Meideros out of the system. As the book stated, this was more than a pride thing. 82 Eridani was home to two habitable planets. And as Brazil, as Meideros knew, no longer existed by this point. Kahn and his group go in and they discover that Meideros had two new weapons. These being SUDDAR cloaking and fission bombs. Kahn is also the only one to escape 82 Eridani, though they had destroyed most of the Brazilian ships, the AMIs in the system were still there to blow things up. As such, they had to mount a second strike force, led by Kahn's clone, Loki. It is unknown where Kahn is right now.