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Welcome to the Bobiverse WikiEdit

Fan wiki for the book series Bobiverse by Dennis E. Taylor. This is brand new, so everyone's very welcome to contribute!

What is the Bobiverse?Edit

Bobiverse is the sci-fi book series written by Dennis E. Taylor. The series currently consists of two books: We are Legion (We are Bob) and For We Are Many. The third book will hopefully be out by June 2017 (Taylor, 2016/10/19). The series features space travel, nerdy humour, alien civilisations, a fish secretary, a very annoying Brazilian ex-military, and many, many Bobs.

Timeline of events Edit

See Timeline

Bob family tree Edit

On April 7th, Dennis E. Taylor released the official Bob family tree as it stands at the end of For We Are Many on his website. The tree contains only the Bobs mentioned in the series. However, by the end of book two there are according to Bill between eight and ten generations of replicants.  

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Species Edit

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    Summary: I corrected the lineage of Bob-1 as being the 2nd replicant Bob. They apparently forgot that the 1st generation replicant Bob was destroyed by an explosion. Bob-1 is a clone-from-backup of that Bob.
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Cover for the "We are Legion (We are Bob)" audiobook.

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